Southern City Flavors



Aunt "B" Raspberry Jalapeno Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake

Every family needs an Aunt "B" ....only fitting for Mike's sister Brenda "Weeks" Eversole to take the name.

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Blackberry Jalapeno Cinnamon Baked Brie in Pastry

Cinnamon, Brie and Zack's Jalapeno Sauce come together for this sweet treat.

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Blackberry Jalapeno Cobbler

A delicious cobbler recipe featuring our famous Zack's Blackberry Jalapeno Cobbler

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Blackberry Jalapeno Dream

A tantalizing layered dessert consisting of angel food cake, whipping cream, Grand Marnier, Zack's Blackberry Jalapeno Sauce, and blackberries.

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Blackberry Jalapeno Sinful Delight

A culinary experience of sweet, tangy, hot and cold explosion you're sure to love.

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Chocolate Cream Puffs with Strawberry Jalapeno Truffle Filling

Cream puffs are filled with a mixture of cream cheese, Zack's Strawberry Jalapeno Sauce, melted chocolate and whipped topping.

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Cranberry Pound Cake

A heavenly cranberry pound cake recipe featuring our famous Zack's Habanero Pepper Jelly.

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Grilled Peaches with Raspberry Jalapeno Sauce

Grilled peaches, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are drizzled with our delectable Zack's Raspberry Jalapeno Sauce for a delicious treat.

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Nectarine Tart with Peach Jalapeno Sauce and Crumb Topping

This tart with our famous Zack's Peach Jalapeno will have your guests coming back for seconds.

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Peach Jalapeno & Apple Crumble

A tasty dessert that features our Zack's Peach Jalapeno Sauce.

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Peach Jalapeno Chocolate Squares

A different and unique dessert recipe featuring our Zack's Peach Jalapeno Sauce.

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Peach Jalapeno Pie Pudding Squares

These mouth watering pudding squares are a perfect match with our Zack's Peach Jalapeno Sauce.

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Pepper Jelly Streusel Pastries

These delicate yet tasty streusel pastries feature our Zack's Habanero Pepper Jelly.

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Raspberry Jalapeno Cheesecake

This delicious recipe highlights our famous Zack's Raspberry Jalapeno Sauce in a new way. You will never go back to plain cheesecake again!

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Raspberry Jalapeno Chocolate Squares

Lovely chocolate squares are made irresistible with the inclusion of our Zack's Raspberry Jalapeno Sauce.

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Raspberry Jalapeno Fudge Brownies

Zack's Raspberry Jalapeno Sauce and chocolate make for some wickedly satisfying brownies.

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Raspberry Jalapeno Peach Brulee

A lovely dessert featuring peaches, whipping cream, vanilla, dark brown sugar and Zack's Raspberry Jalapeno Sauce.

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Raspberry Jalapeno Peach Cobbler

This easy to make cobbler is scrumptious served with a dollop of freshly whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

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Raspberry Jalapeno Tiramisu

This easy dessert recipe features our Zack's Raspberry Jalapeno Sauce alongside cream cheese, powdered sugar, sour cream, Marsala wine, raspberries, espresso, sugar and pound cake.

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Raspberry Jalapeno Twist

A great dish featuring crescent rolls, sugar, butter, milk, almonds and Zack's Raspberry Jalapeno Sauce

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Strawberry Jalapeno Chocolate Cake

Enjoy this sweet Strawberry Jalapeno cake for the perfect celebration, or just for yourself!

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Strawberry Jalapeno Cream Cheese Bites

This dessert will make you feel like you are in total bliss when you take your first bite.

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Strawberry Jalapeno Doughnuts

These doughnuts are all the more satisfying being filled with our Zack's Strawberry Jalapeno Sauce.

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